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Microsoft is bracing for a legal battle in Europe with Adobe Systems, following a breakdown in negotiations last week over the use of Adobe's PDF technology in Microsoft's Office applications suite.

Microsoft, which last October announced it would support Adobe's PDF format in its upcoming Office upgrade, has reached an impasse after four months of talks, a Microsoft attorney said on Friday. Adobe wants the software giant to remove the PDF "save as" featur

For years, the IBM mainframe business has been running on an ever-accelerating treadmill....
McNealy is stepping aside as CEO, 24 years after co-founding Sun and five years after the company's agonizing...
Borland's Java and Windows application development tools will once again lead the industry, setting the pace...
By Editorial Staff | 02/03/2006
The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags is becoming a hot topic for developers and business...
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